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Aidan Talijancich

B.A.(Education), M. (O.T.)

Managing Director

Principal Occupational Therapist

For as long as Aidan can remember he's been obsessed with sport and the way we move. After his fair share of injuries and now wishing some of his own rehab experiences had been different, Aidan's goal was clear early...

Help others spend less time on the sidelines and more time engaging in the activities they love. 


This initially took him to the education world, teaching health sciences and physical education to high school students. Soon realising he wanted to take his knowledge of musculoskeletal rehab to another level, he completed a Masters in Occupational Therapy. 


Applying his role as a strength coach at The Chamber has helped develop his understanding and analysis of movement patterns and he appreciates the requirements necessary to rehab back to full function.    

Establishing himself as a leader in the movement and mobility field, Aidan is often presenting and educating at events around the state or video conferencing people all over the world through his work as @themobilitycoach. 

With many years experience, Aidan has now had the pleasure of impacting thousands of people through his teaching, coaching and treatment in clinic. 

Aidan's recent workshops include: Stress & Performance, Movement & Mobility and Workplace Wellbeing. Send us an email if any of these interest you or your organisation.

Aidan will always look to determine the why of your musculoskeletal concern and assess what underlying lifestyle factors, movement patterns, compensations or mobility restrictions are contributing to your pain.




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Jade Macdonald-Razvi


Occupational Therapist

Jade is a dynamic and compassionate Occupational Therapist whose journey has been guided by a steadfast commitment to holistic healing. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Edith Cowan University, Jade's educational foundation became the launching pad for her passion for soft tissue therapy and her mission to...


help individuals achieve their best physical, mental, and emotional selves.

Jade's practical experiences took her to the forefront of Spinal Rehabilitation and Vocational Rehabilitation. Working within these specialised settings, Jade witnessed the transformative impact of occupational therapy on restoring functionality and enhancing the quality of life.


Her professional journey extended to working with Elite National sporting teams, offering her expertise both pre-competition and post, enriching her understanding of the demands placed on athletes.


Jade's personal history as a competitive swimmer and tennis player provides her with a unique perspective on the rehabilitation process. Having navigated her own share of injuries, she understands the significance of rehabilitation in overcoming physical setbacks. This personal connection allows Jade to practice with empathy and a genuine understanding of the challenges her clients may face.


Currently, her passion lies in freediving, a pursuit that not only captivates her personally but also seamlessly integrates into her professional practice. Freediving's emphasis on breath control aligns with Jade's holistic approach, allowing her to infuse the therapeutic power of breath into her sessions, fostering a deeper connection between the mind and body.


Jade is a passionate Occupational Therapist who goes beyond traditional therapy, offering a holistic and personalized approach to guide individuals on their path to becoming the best versions of themselves.

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