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Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of primarily musculoskeletal dysfunction. 

Our specially qualified Occupational Therapists complete a thorough client history discussing symptoms, lifestyle factors, occupations, goals and expectations. Specific objective musculoskeletal assessments are then completed to help determine a cause and diagnosis. We then discuss the diagnosis and develop a personalised, evidence-based treatment plan with you, to meet your goals and get you back to the activities you love. 

​Treatment is based on neuromuscular, myofascial release of the soft tissues to improve range of motion, promote blood flow and accelerate the healing process. 

​At DRIVE we understand how important engaging in activity can be and work with you to ensure you get back to full function as quick as possible. 


Dry needling is a safe and effective way to manage many soft tissue pathologies. It involves the use of a sterile fine filament needle that is inserted into the muscle targeting 'trigger points' or taut bands in the soft tissues. 


​These taut bands in the muscle fibre limit blood flow and result in a reduced ability to remove the toxins and byproducts used in muscle contraction. The prolonged presence of these chemicals can sensitise nerve endings and contribute to feeling muscle or myofascial pain. 

​Dry needling can work to increase blood flow, improve range of motion and reduce pain symptoms. 


Post surgery rehabilitation is vital in order to get back to full function. At DRIVE we develop individualised rehab plans to restore range of motion and strength and guide you through the different stages of the rehab process necessary to get you back doing what you love.  

A tailored prehab plan completed pre-surgery has been shown to improve your outcomes post surgery. We work with many people pre-surgery to not only keep them functioning as well as they can in the lead up to their operation, but also give them the best chance of a successful rehab post-surgery. 


At DRIVE, we understand athletes. Acute injuries in sport are sometimes unavoidable and we will work closely with you and your team during each step of your rehabilitation to get you back out there as soon as possible. 

Many high-level athletes or performers we work with actively participate in improving their own health and performance through our Performance Program. 
Here, we aren't necessarily rehabilitating an acute injury but are focused on ensuring optimal muscle and tissue health required to perform at a high level. In these sessions we are able to work on improving mobility and movement patterns as well as identifying little niggles and ensuring they do not become problematic. 


Human beings should have the ability to assume certain positions and have basic range of motion at their joints. Often through injury, compensations or specific occupations over time, we lose range of motion and our ability to move well. Often this tissue or joint restriction can start to impact activities that we'd like to engage in which can be frustrating. 


Our Functional Mobility Programs work to improve your range of motion for better quality of life and better performance for your chosen sport or occupation. 

​After a thorough mobility assessment, our team will identify the most important areas for you that require attention and develop an individualised mobility program that you are able to complete at home or in the gym. 

Time and time again we have seen how improving mobility and the way in which we move equals increased efficiency and improved performance.



Our Occupational Therapists conduct seminars, workshops and professional development courses on a range of health topics to sporting clubs, gyms, businesses, community groups and GPs. Some of our most popular presentations have covered topics such as; Movement and Mobility, Injury Prevention for Elite Athletes, Corporate Health and Wellbeing, and Your Guide Out Of Back Pain.

Our Occupational Therapists are available to conduct these seminars for your team or business at DRIVE or at a venue you desire. 

Dry Needling
Sport Injury & Performance
Functional Mobility Programs
Pre / Post Surgery
Soft Tissue OT
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